Speaker Announcement: Guru Ghosh, Virginia Tech, United States

Guru Ghosh of Virginia Tech, United States, is the first keynote speaker to be announced for The 2nd IAFOR Conference on Educational Research & Innovation (ERI2022), which will take place on May 5-7, 2022. Dr Ghosh will be presenting a keynote titled “Glocalization: An Imposter Reimagining American Higher Education”.

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Speaker Biography

Guru Ghosh
Virginia Tech, United States

Guru GhoshDr Guru Ghosh is the Vice President of Outreach and International Affairs (OIA) at Virginia Tech, United States. Responsibilities include providing strategic leadership and oversight on statewide and global engagement initiatives in support of Virginia Tech’s engagement mission as Virginia’s senior land-grant university. OIA leads Virginia Tech's presence on five continents with a robust international research portfolio and a wide array of study abroad programs. The six OIA Commonwealth Campus Centers within Virginia focus on research, graduate education, and professional development programs.

Blacksburg-based centres are dedicated to community-based student civic engagement initiatives, providing language and cultural experiences for international students, economic development, and continuing education programs. Dr Ghosh earned his PhD from the College of William and Mary, United States, in Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership.


Glocalization: An Imposter Reimagining American Higher Education

The challenges confronting the United States in the third decade of the twenty-first century are extraordinary. The last two years have shown us all how interrelated, interdependent, and complex our world has become. Knowledge and information are growing at a faster rate than ever recorded in history, resulting in the need for cross-cultural knowledge and values to drive discoveries for humanistic advancements. This presentation will provide an overview of the genesis of US higher education, the impact and value of the American land grant university system on talent development, economic engagement, and globalization.

We will explore the adaptability, dynamism, and evolution of higher education to meet changing societal priorities because glocalization continues to evolve. Finally, we will examine how the tide of prosperity must embrace the “haves” and “have-nots” by knitting together networks within localities across the United States and around the world. A commitment to glocalization requires that universities face the tension between “the global” and “the local” and act as agents of co-prosperity and empowerment for students, communities, states, and nations in confronting the challenges interwoven within the global fabric of our time.

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